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[aprssig] GPS recommendation

Amir's email sarlabs at twcny.rr.com
Fri Nov 24 19:09:55 UTC 2006

Hi John:
I think that the newer units have USB only connections, which makes
interfacing a problem.
OTOH, I'm using a Garmin 60CSx for both vehicular (turn-by-turn directions,
no voice though) and land navigation. In addition, the same GPS sends is
connected to my TH-D7AG for now, (expecting a TM-700 soon) and sends my
position to the radio and receives and displays stations heard/received.
Now, depending on the scale I've chosen for the screen, I may not see the
ones far away, as after all, I'm using the GPS for navigation mainly, but
they are there nevertheless.

The Garmin 76CSx is practically the same GPS as the 60CSx, just the
ergonomics are different and you get a larger memory card. Yes, you will
have to shell off extra bucks for the navigating software. I believe that
with a 2GB card, you could have most of the US road maps in memory without
having to reload and have access to your computer.

Now there may be USB to serial converters out there. My experience with the
serial to USB converters shows that not all are equal and not all work with
all applications... So this may not be the way to go, unless you like being
a trailblazer.

73 de K9CHP, Amir Findling, member ARRL, AMSAT #36083
1st Special Response Group (1SRG) http://www.1srg.org/
Apprentice Tracker, Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services

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I just found out that I will be receiving a new GPS for Christmas.  I
presently have 2 hockey puck type GPSs and a 9 year old Eagle hand held
but would like to use one of the new mapping GPSs that provide route
information, preferably  one with voice guidance.  Such as the Magellan
Roadmate 2000, Tom Tom,  Garmin 300+, etc.  I'll be using a D-700 and
want to use the GPS to show the received stations' icons on the map

I've been searching the web and can't find anything to indicate this
will be possible with the newest devices.  Any help will be appreciated.

John, K7RJR

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