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[aprssig] Point-to-point telemetry addressing

Michael R. Owen nlsa at nlsa.com
Fri Nov 24 23:17:31 UTC 2006

Dear friends,

I know almost nothing about packet radio or APRS so please forgive me if 
my question is stupid.  My home station (W9IP-1) is near Syracuse, NY 
and I'm trying to maintain a telemetry link with our cottage (W9IP-2) 
about 35 km away.  The terrain is rough so a direct path doesn't work.  
There is a good APRS digipeter (K2AMB-3) near W9IP-1 and another good 
one (KB2FAF-10) near W9IP-2.  The two digipeters "see" each other very 
well.  The one near W9IP-2 is also an IGate, which is important because 
I want the telemetry to show up on findu's database.

I would think that ...
W9IP-1's path to W9IP-2 would be APRS,K2AMB-3,KB2FAF-10,W9IP-2
and that
W9IP-2's path to W9IP-1 would be APRS,KB2FAF-10,K2AMB-3,W9IP-1

However, neither of these appear to work.  The only addressing that 
seems to work is APRS,WIDE2-2, but that only works from time to time, 
when the two WIDEs happen to be K2AMB-3 and KB2FAF-10.  I understand 
that I shouldn't expect 100% because of packet collisions, but so far 
specific addressing is just not working at all.  Any suggestions?


Michael R. Owen, Ph.D.
Northern Lights Software Associates

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