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[aprssig] Point-to-point telemetry addressing

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sat Nov 25 00:23:35 UTC 2006

nlsa at nlsa.com wrote:
> Stephen -
> Yeah, poor choice of words.  I just want to report temperatures at the 
> cottage back to home, then occasionally control the cottage's 
> thermostat from home.  Messages exchanged maybe once every 30 minutes, 
> so it's not a connection in the traditional sense.  Nevertheless, I 
> want to make sure that the one-to-many broadcast includes the two 
> digipeters that I mentioned so that home and cottage will be 
> included.  Maybe I'm using the wrong tool and APRS isn't what I need?

It sounds as though APRS should be able to do this.   How are you 
controlling the thermostat?   KPC3 TNCs have single-bit open-collector 
switches controllable by messages to the TNC address but TNC2s don't.  

For a TNC2 or clone, the path setting of interest will be the command 
"UNPROTO" typed into the TNC by an ASCII terminal or as an init string 
during program startup, which determines the path used on non-connected 
beaconing. This will be something like:

    "UNPROTO APRS VIA K2AMB-3,KB2FAF-10 "         (For the home station)


     "UNPROTO APRS VIA KB2FAF-10,K2AMB-3"         (For the cottage station)

One slight possibility is that one or the other of the digipeater 
operators involved overlooked placing the digi's own callsign into the 
alias list of callsigns to digipeat on, along with WIDEn-N .    If so, 
the digi may never respond to, and digipeat on, it's own callsign.   

Another possibility is that one or ther other of the digipeater(s) uses 
aliases instead of actual callsigns.  Do you see the digis using their 
own callsigns in the path in beacons?  I.e. is the "callsign" that they 
send from some sort of alias like "Syracuse" with the real callsign only 
in a beacon comment field?  Or do they actually use their own callsigns?

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