[aprssig] Point-to-point telemetry addressing

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Nov 24 20:42:16 CST 2006

>> W9IP-2's path to W9IP-1 would be
> Why are you including your own stations at the end 
> of the path?  

Agree.  In some TNC's if the own-stantion TNC digipeats a
packet, then it does NOT appear to that own-station TNC serial
port unless certain parameters are set just right.

> If the device doing the telemetry is a stand-alone TNC rather 
> than a program running on a PC, the path will be entered into 
> it's hardware using an ASCII  terminal program for setup.  It 
> will be something like:  "APRS via KB2FAF-10,K2AMB-3"  [Exact 
> syntax will vary depending on the particular TNC being used.]

The KPC-3+ is  ideal not only for 5 channels of telemetry, but
also for giving you remote control of up to 4 separate on/off
circuits.  So you can monitor the temperature and then any time
you want, logon remotely with the pasword protected remote sysop
mode and turn the switches on and off.

We use these TNC's all the time for telemery command and control
this way.  See our mods (about half way down this page):



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