[aprssig] help with proper paths

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Nov 25 09:03:21 CST 2006

> ...my question is about the proper path to use 
> [for]... pcsat or pcsat11 or ariss ?  

The desired ultimate path is VIA APRSAT so that all APRS
satellites would respond to that path.  But to be compatible
with ARISS, we also give all APRS satellites the alias of ARISS
too.  So I receommend VIA ARISS.

Now, if you want to ping off of PCSAT-1 which is
semi-operational and in this default mode, defaults to the
callsign of W3ADO-1, then you have to use its specific call (VIA
W3ADO-1).  You may get packets through PCSAT-1 when it is  in
good sun, but we do not expect it to fully recoever until the
first week of January.  This should be very exciting when we
will have three APRS satellites in constellation on 145.825
supporting the aliases of APRSAT and ARISS.

> I ... would like to get my beacons to show up on findu. 
> and also what timing is recommended.

Be sure to use a MYCALL for your station with a separate SSID
for space operations than terrestrial, because if you use the
same call for terrestrial, then FINDU will overwrite any data
you got through the satellite.

Unatteneded operation is not generally welcome except for
special circumstances or tests.  If unattended, we recommend a 5
minute rate.  You won't get in every orbit, but you will get in
once a day maybe.  If you are trying to make QSO's and are
manning the pass, then a 1 minute rate is fine.

But with PCSAT-1 hibernating and ARISS off the air, the only
digipeater in space right now is ECHO (AO-51) operating at 9600
baud.  We are not sure if there are any Igates monitoring the
dowlink of this bird and feeding into FINDU.  On ECHO, you must
use the path of VIA PACB-1.

De Wb4APR, Bob

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