[aprssig] Creating maps with a GPS for APRS use

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Sun Nov 26 17:00:56 CST 2006

I have been working on a standalone application to create detailed street
maps.  StreetCreator (SC) is intended for use in areas where detailed street
maps are not available or prohibitively expensive.  Existing streets are
captured from a GPS while driving thru the area to be mapped.  It will be
possible to combine multiple street maps captured in different areas to one
street file thereby allowing multiple users to contribute to the effort. 

SC can create fully zoomable detailed street files for use with Precision
Mapping Streets and Traveler 8.0 and can also create raster .bmp files for
use in other applications such as UiView.

See http://www.billdiaz.dynip.com/ for info.
http://www.billdiaz.dynip.com/StrCreatorBeta.htm for some beta examples
using USGS topo maps as Underlays and street data captured from a GPS.

I will soon be looking for Beta testers outside the US and Canada.  I
already have a good US and Canadian beta team at this time.  Very interested
in having someone in the UK capture some detailed streets for beta testing
purposes.  Please contact me at kc9xg at comcast.net if you are interested
and have a suitable GPS and laptop.  

Bill KC9XG

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