[aprssig] Packet test

R. Simmons pelican2 at silcom.com
Mon Nov 27 09:19:31 CST 2006

To all :

 I am developing PIC code to send an APRS DF message, ( for a DF beacon )
and I approaching completion... getting close to an "air test" of the
software but still a few "loose ends" to clear up...

 Questions about a suitable destination address, the proper SSID values and
C-bit values. Also, the AX.25 spec says the CRC bytes should be sent MSB
first, but public code I have seen shows LSB is sent first, things like

 Any ( authoritative ) help would be appreciated, and a peer review of my
intended message would also be appreciated. I can be contacted "off-forum"
at this address : pelican2 at silcom.com


DE WB6EYV / Bob S.

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