[aprssig] Garmin GPS35PC not getting fix

Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Wed Nov 29 21:24:19 CST 2006

On Wed, 29 Nov 2006, Amir's email wrote:

> I could only access the 38 manual on Garmin's site. This is what it said
> about performance:
> Differential ready MultiTrack8(tm)
> So I assumed the 35 was the same, as was my GPS II. Turns out I was wrong
> http://www.garmin.com/products/gps35/
> At the time I never looked at GPS unit without display. My first 12-channel
> parallel was the III+ which is still alive.

My second was the GPS-II+, which is also still running just fine.  I
was into GPS'es way before I was into APRS, and I used a
microcontroller board I had to display the GPS info on an LCD
display while I was driving.

The old 8-channel Garmin receivers were really 1-channel receivers.
Those were crap.  I used them in the woods in the form of a GPS-45.
There were several that were in that category, the 38, 40, 45, II,
and probably some others I forgot.  The unofficial Garmin FAQ lists
most of them (not from Garmin, but from Alan Holdcroft).

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