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[aprssig] PCSAT-1 Digipeats?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 1 01:00:05 UTC 2006

> Not sure why, but my car isn't showing up on
> pcsat.aprs.org but it is showing up on the 
> APRS-IS normally...
>'xSl ^>/]"71}

That is because the PCSAT web page uses the PCSAT-1*
as a way of knowing the packet was relayed by PCSAT.
But when you use the WIDEn-N method of digipeating,
then the * is not applied to the PCSAT-1 but to the
used-up WIDE1-1 in your path.

So to really be seen on the PCSAT web page, people
have to use the non-n-N digipeating such as RELAY,


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