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[aprssig] Main and Secondary digis proposal.

(SV2AGW)George Rossopoulos sv2agw at raag.org
Mon Oct 2 16:47:27 UTC 2006


Recently I had a conversation here with a fellow ham who was asking me about
the digi operation.
>From the conversation I found that we actually need to add a new parameter
to each digi and this is the "wait Time Before digi".
My idea. The problem is most areas is how to arrange the digis and how to
control them. It could be very nice if we have the main digis which will
work as they work now and all other digis to "wait before digi". What
happens is that the secondary digis will wait for 5-15 seconds before
transmitting and if  hears the same packet digipeated from someone else will
NOT digipeat that packet. In other words is something more practical than
the  "Dupe check List".
Another option is to set the "Wait before Digi" time to random. So only the
first digi will digipeat the frame. This sounds good but the first digi may
be in not so good location and the packet may not reach everyone.

I will add it to AGWDigipeater and perhaps (if practically is good) to "mUSB
TNT" releasing a new firmware.


micro USB TNT (A pocket TNC with Build in Tracker and APRS digi with USB and
battery for portable operation)

(SV2AGW)George Rossopoulos
sv2agw at elcom.gr
George Rossopoulos
Nikanoros 59

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