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[aprssig] Main and Secondary digis proposal.

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Mon Oct 2 16:55:07 UTC 2006

We were talking about this over in the Tracker2 list - I haven't got around
to trying it out yet, though.  Shouldn't be too hard to implement since it
has to keep track of dupes anyway.  I presented it as an idea for fill-in
digis only - I don't think you'd want a WIDE digi using this option, since
the digi is there to cover an area that the adjacent digis presumably can't.


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> Subject: [aprssig] Main and Secondary digis proposal.
> Hi
> Recently I had a conversation here with a fellow ham who was 
> asking me about
> the digi operation.
> >From the conversation I found that we actually need to add a 
> new parameter
> to each digi and this is the "wait Time Before digi".
> My idea. The problem is most areas is how to arrange the 
> digis and how to
> control them. It could be very nice if we have the main digis 
> which will
> work as they work now and all other digis to "wait before digi". What
> happens is that the secondary digis will wait for 5-15 seconds before
> transmitting and if  hears the same packet digipeated from 
> someone else will
> NOT digipeat that packet. In other words is something more 
> practical than
> the  "Dupe check List".
> Another option is to set the "Wait before Digi" time to 
> random. So only the
> first digi will digipeat the frame. This sounds good but the 
> first digi may
> be in not so good location and the packet may not reach everyone.
> I will add it to AGWDigipeater and perhaps (if practically is 
> good) to "mUSB
> TNT" releasing a new firmware.
> 73
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> digi with USB and
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