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[aprssig] D700 GPS connection

Rich Mulvey aprs at mulveyfamily.com
Mon Oct 2 21:07:04 UTC 2006

scott at opentrac.org wrote:

>How's everyone powering their GPS receiver when used with the TM-D700A?
>Would have been nice if Kenwood had provided a 5 volt power output like
>Alinco did, but oh well.  I'm thinking about trying to come up with some
>sort of simple adapter that wouldn't require a cigarette lighter socket or

   As it happens, I just installed a D700 with a Garmin GPS16 HVS in my 
wife's car ( KC2PAK-1 ) this past weekend...

   I've standardized on using Powerpoles for everything, so I just made 
up a "Y" connector for the power cable from the engine compartment.  One 
leg of the Y adapter for the rig, the other for the GPS.

   I'm using Copeland Engineering Power Tamers ( 
http://www.sirennet.com/ce5201.html ) for power control for my mobile 
rigs, and they work wonderfully.  No discernable RF noise or hash, 
extremely low power draw when "off", and work perfectly well mounted 
right next to the engine.   Now, what I'd REALLY like is for someone to 
package up something in the same sort of indestructable enclosure, with 
the same features, and has 12V and 5V outputs.  ;-)

- Rich

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