[aprssig] D700 GPS connection

Ben Lindner vk5jfk at activ8.net.au
Mon Oct 2 17:04:58 CDT 2006

Dont most radios these days come with a auto timer off.

What I do is run a second portable battery with 4 sockets on it ( 1 for GPS 
the others for what you like) that is charged when the vehicle is running. 
These units are used in Australia by our Paramedics

Ben Lindner

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>> right next to the engine.   Now, what I'd REALLY like is for
>> someone to
>> package up something in the same sort of indestructable
>> enclosure, with
>> the same features, and has 12V and 5V outputs.  ;-)
> Sounds like a feature request for the APO4 - how about it, Jim?  =]  It'd
> probably still be cheaper than the Power Tamer.
> http://www.winddatalogger.com/apo3/pricing.php
> Scott
> N1VG
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