[aprssig] D700 GPS connection

Rich Mulvey aprs at mulveyfamily.com
Mon Oct 2 18:03:52 CDT 2006

Ben Lindner wrote:
> Dont most radios these days come with a auto timer off.
> What I do is run a second portable battery with 4 sockets on it ( 1 
> for GPS the others for what you like) that is charged when the vehicle 
> is running. These units are used in Australia by our Paramedics

   Auto power off is useful when you just have a radio to turn off, but 
not so much when you have other equipment.  ;-)  ( Unless you happen to 
have a radio that can feed other devices, of course.)  But APO doesn't 
help when you want everything to automatically turn on again, once the 
vehicle starts up later.

- Rich

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