[aprssig] D700 GPS connection

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Mon Oct 2 21:50:55 CDT 2006

> I've always thought the EIAJ (Electronic Industies Assn 
> Japan) blew it 
> when they defined the standard MiniDIN 6-pin packet/data connector by 
> not providing a pin for 12 VDC power for the gadgets that 
> connected to 
> this jack.   

They're not the first ones to miss the boat.  Of the standard 'legacy' PC
ports, I think only the keyboard/mouse connections had power.  Look how many
silly USB-powered gadgets popped up once we actually got a peripheral
connection with power available.

> rear for powering GPS devices.   My approach is that the radio should 
> always provide the power for peripherals without having to 
> have forked 
> 12 VDC power cables from the primary power source. 

Certainly preferred, but not practical for all users.

> Note that in addition to the usual cigarette ligher plug with an 
> internal 12->5 VDC switcher in it, Deluo also has an inline 12 to 5 
> converter with flying leads (complete with inline fuse 

Well, shoot.. I never noticed that.  I'll have to find out if I can get a
better deal from them as a reseller.  Thanks for pointing that out.


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