[aprssig] Sigh...

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Thu Oct 5 15:25:25 CDT 2006

The weather server at arizona.aprs2.net is hung up.  Dick is aware of 
the problem and will reset it shortly.  Domain names have been 
redirected.  Users should not make any changes to their setups at this time.

Note that this has nothing to do with what server is connected to what, 
nor does it have anything to do with findU.  It's a simple matter of a 
server crash.  The other three weather servers (socal, indiana, 
newengland.aprs2.net) are functioning properly.

Phil - AD6NH

Steve Dimse wrote:
> I'm sure this post will be followed up with one explaining what a 
> moron I am, but there appears to be a problem with at least weather 
> data fed into arizona.aprs2.net. A number of people have complained 
> today that their wx data stopped appearing on findU, all were 
> successfully connected to arizona.aprs2.net and receiving no errors. 
> Investigating, I find that arizona is connected to tier 2 core, and 
> that is connected to the real core (as they have designed their system 
> this appears correct), but the weather packets are not being 
> forwarded. Three of these people switched to using rotate.aprs.net and 
> had the problem disappear.
> I am unable to investigate further, the findU stream test feature 
> (http://www.findu.com/stream/) is unable to query arizona.aprs2.net as 
> apparently all unfiltered ports have been blocked. I cannot tell if 
> this just weather data  from arizona.aprs2.net missing, all 
> arizona.aprs2.net data missing, data from all the T2 servers, or some 
> other subset of data missing.
> Hopefully the T2 guys will find and correct the problem soon, in the 
> interim if you are using Tier 2 and find any data missing on findU, 
> please try connecting directly to the core (rotate.aprs.net) before 
> you email me about problems with findU.
> Thanks you.
> Steve K4HG
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