[aprssig] AVRS Debut....

Eric Goforth eric at goforthtech.com
Thu Oct 5 17:38:35 CDT 2006

The first release of the AVRS system is now online and ready for those

Details of the service can be found at

Details on Bob's initial concept of AVRS can be found at:

Mr. Bruninga and I are in dialogue about the ongoing development of AVRS
so I'm sure we will be pushing on towards the full concept, however the
initial concept is completed and ready for your pleasure...  

Please post any bugs at the APRSDEPOT site so we can track and squash
them.  As of the sending of this message 67 requests have been made
through the AVRS system and none so far so.... *crossing fingers*

Much appreciated and happy AVRS'ing.. 

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