[aprssig] Aizona.aprs2.net (fixed)

dick at kb7zva.com dick at kb7zva.com
Fri Oct 6 04:58:48 CDT 2006

The WX server at aprswest.net has been fully restored. I'm on vacation
and didn't get the word until it had been down 9 hours. I should read
my mail more often. Anyway, it was restarted remotely and looks good.

It's true! All servers and internet connections fail from time to time. <g>
Sorry, for any inconvenience or personal grief.

Graph shows outage:

Stats by the hour:

As Steve mentioned, Tier 2 now has its own set of core servers. This was
done to provide reliable service within Tier 2. Currently, only 33 Tier 2
servers plus sub-servers are allowed to connect to these core units.
The reason we did this was to reduce the stress on the main 'legacy'
core units (FIRST, SECOND, THIRD.aprs.net).

Tier 2 is a true world-wide network with core 2 core units in the USA,
1 in Ireland, and 1 in Japan. Out of the 33 T2 servers only 10 are
located in the USA. Tier 2 provides reliable connectivity for over 1000
APRS-IS end-users around the world. Another estimated 2500 weather
stations send periodic WX reports via an additional 4 Tier 2 WX/CW

The mission of the Tier 2 server network is to provide reliable access
to the APRS Internet Service for users around the world. The team is 
focused to use the finest technology available and to create the 
infrastructure to give you support for your most efficient use of the

Interested in providing a server?

Dick, KB7ZVA

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