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[aprssig] Re: [nwaprssig] 9600B UHF APRS

David Dobbins ddobbins at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 01:12:40 UTC 2006

The issue I have with multiple frequencies is finding out what the
freq is when travelling through the area of coverage. You'll need yet
another call book or some document listing the freqs. If you're a
regular traveler you'll likely not use the UHF side because it's too
hard to keep track of all the freqs. The nice thing about the common
freq 144.39 on VHF is I can hop in the car, set the tracker up, and
go, and not have to change anything along the way. One option that
will help that, and I think we should start doing this in the Puget
Sound area, is to announce on the 144.39 freq the availability of UHF
APRS on 440.875. I will adjust my beacon here in Spokane.

If 440.875 is available in your area, use it. If not, pick another
freq where APRS/packet falls into your band plan. Tell the rest of us
so we can update a web page and local listings.

I don't believe we'll ever settle on one UHF freq for APRS. It would
be more important to not delay the UHF growth, pick a freq and go with
it, and announce to the world via BLN or ANN and web page listing the
UHF info.

I would like to see all the big metro cities (you know where they are)
to put up a UHF APRS digi and capability to uplink to the APRS-IS via
an iGate.

Since this post is new to the aprssig, you can get more info on the
NWAPRS exploits of UHF APRS on our website: http://www.nwaprs.info and
check the table of contents.

Dave K7GPS
53 to Bill

On 10/6/06, wa7nwp at jnos.org <wa7nwp at jnos.org> wrote:
> > Yep, this will be a helluva lot harder finding a common UHF frequency.
> > We need to get a national effort going toward identifying and adopting
> > a common UHF APRS frequency that will work in North America at least;
> > the rest of the world preferably.
> >
> > Dave
> Dave and I have a different opinion about this.  I don't see any need to
> have a common frequency.  With our technology, ANY frequency will work.
> If you're as twisted an old bull as I am, you'll want to use ALL the
> frequencies...   Use it or lose it.  Quiet air is wasted air.  Received
> (indirectly) a 73K picture file by 1200 baud packet last night.  Wasn't
> much quiet air time on that channel.  Hope to be doing the same on 223.400
> tonight!
> 53's
> Bill/Dill, WA7NWP
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David Dobbins
Medical Lake, WA

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