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[aprssig] IRLP Status Change & AVRS

Eric Goforth eric at goforthtech.com
Sat Oct 7 17:29:14 UTC 2006

NOTE:  I'm sorry if this is a duplicate.  I got an odd bounce message and it didn't show up on my APRS SIG folder, so I'm not sure if it went out or not...  Forgive me if I dup'ed...
IRLP status characters for AVRS has been implemented!  Here they are and you can now see the changes on the Status Page.
O = Open.  Anyone can use it. There is no pre-access code, no assistance needed, etc....  Tune the freq and go.
A = Assisted.  Maybe you need a pre-access code, or a local operator will actually do the connect for you, etc.  It's open to the public and available but you can't do it by yourself.
C = Closed.  Don't even bother.  If your not family or close friends, it is off limits... etc...
U = Unknown.  Status unknown.  This would probably be the default.  You can try it but don't be surprised if someone tells you to get lost.
Right now everyone is status U so all owners should try to update their status if they can.  U nodes will still be used in AVRS but O & A nodes will take priority...
The AVRS system will be updated to now exclude Closed systems and specify if it is an Open or Assisted system.  That should be done sometime today... or as soon as I finish my Honey Do's..  ;-)

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