[aprssig] 9600B UHF APRS

Ryan Butler rbutler at tsss.org
Sat Oct 7 13:01:09 CDT 2006

Part of the central US.

In Iowa I use 440.975 but it's not all that published either, more of an
experimental deal.  It's a Tekk Data radio which is crystal controlled
so I probably won't be switching any time soon.  It's been on that freq
either for packet 9600 baud or aprs for about 12 years.  As far as
activity, there are a few people with D700's that use it (the site it's
at only gives about a 15-20 mile coverage circle).


On Sat, 2006-10-07 at 10:52 -0700, David Dobbins wrote:
> Ok, so the Central US is using 446.175 and SoCal is using 438.975.
> I'd like to hear more of your activities using 9600 baud UHF APRS.
> What radios are you using, what kind of activity levels and interest
> are you experiencing?
> Maybe it's just my oversight not having picked up on other 9600 baud
> UHF APRS across the states. I really haven't heard of it spoken much
> about except here in the NWAPRS/Puget Sound area.
> Dave K7GPS

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