[aprssig] D7 and ITEM

Chris Kantarjiev cak at dimebank.com
Sat Oct 7 14:47:46 CDT 2006

Can someone tell me if the D7 will/should decode an ITEM packet, or
if this is one of the types that the D7 just ignores? We're trying
to advertise a repeater with

	)W6WGZ-Rpt!3717.55N/11941.04Wr 147.180+PL146.2 441.175+PL146.2

The digi is a TNC-X/Digi-X, which only allows 63 characters of btext.
Using an OBJECT with a timestamp doesn't allow the entire text to
be sent. So we switched to ITEM. The packet is getting to FINDU just
fine, but I never see it on my D7, so I'm wondering....

(And, not to start a flame, but does the D7's decoder just stink?
I "hear" what seem to be nice solid packets but the majority don't
decode at all... some do. Maybe something wrong with my radio,
though, since I can't seem to get a decodable posit out as of about
12 hours ago, either.)

73 de chris K6DBG

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