[aprssig] new aprsworld.net database server

James Jefferson Jarvis jj at aprsworld.net
Sat Oct 7 21:26:25 CDT 2006

Hello group,

The new aprsworld.net database server is mostly online. Please start using it! 
If you find anything odd, please e-mail me so I can fix it.


The new machine is much, much faster than the old database server. As all of 
the functions get moved over to the new machine you should notice a marked 
increase in speed. This will allow some new functionality to be added. Future 
plans include reworking the station display page and greatly improving the 
weather pages. 

I'm looking forward to any suggestions for possible aprsworld.net interface 
improvements. The interface has remained mostly static for about three years 
now - the internet has marched on and I think there is probably some really 
neat things that can be done. Of course volunteers are welcome. My hobby time 
is very limited these days.

The new database server cost $1231.50. So far $405.51 has been donated. Much 
thanks go to those that have contributed. I would really appreciate it if 
people could chip in a few bucks and cover the whole cost. Please see 
http://www.aprsworld.net for donation details.

Dave MacFarland, KF4PJH, was kind enough to donate another computer. This one 
is a dual Pentium 3 933 MHz. In time it will become the primary map server or 
will load share with the current aprsworld.net map server. Thanks go out to 
Dave MacFarland, Leigh Klotz, Wes Johnston, Byonics (Byon), Fran Miele. Jesse 
Johnson, Michael Yancey, Jason Rausch (big thanks!), Brian Riley, and all of 
the past aprsworld.net sponsors. Also kudos to Jarvis Computer Software and 
APRS World, LLC for providing bandwidth and space for the two new servers.


PS - those of you with direct MySQL access should continue using 
db.aprsworld.net. db2.aprsworld.net will not provide open MySQL access.

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