[aprssig] PCSAT Gate Path ?

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Sun Oct 8 07:05:32 CDT 2006

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> Subject: Re: [aprssig] PCSAT Gate Path ?
> You should use a path such as ARISS,SGATE,WIDE2-2
> Second, SatGates that hear your digipeated packet and are set 
> up with the "SGATE" alias, will digipeat your packet over to 
> the terrestrial
> (144.39) frequency.

The term "SatGate" has normally been used to refer to a one-way
(receive-only) IGate gating _all_ heard packets to APRS-IS.  I see from
the link you gave that you are using the term to refer to a D700 set up
to cross-frequency digipeat from the PCSAT frequency to the local APRS
frequency packets with SGATE as the next digipeater.  I only bring this
up because the dual use of the term for two completely different
functions can be very confusing.

> After that, your packet will be digipeated using the standard 
> WIDE2-2 rules on 144.39 and will likely make it to a local 
> IGATE and the APRS-IS.

It is important to note, as hinted to above, that this only works if
someone has set their D700 (or other dual-frequency digipeater) to
cross-frequency digipeat SGATE packets.  Since I would guess that most
D700's are used for voice on one band, you probably will find very few
D700's set up this way.


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