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Chuck Gooden cgooden at insightbb.com
Sun Oct 8 20:45:08 UTC 2006

Personally, I rather would not have the FCC declare anything of the 
sort.  This would be akin to their decision to give away the 220 Mhz 
band and it would kill APRS and possibly Amateur radio.  The FCC 
decision to mandate HDTV broadcasting by 2009 only forced the TV 
stations to purchase new equipment and is forcing consumer to purchase 
new tv's too and for what?  All I see on TV is a bunch of crap.  The 
gov't  had to mandate the V-Chip so parents would have some control over 
the crap their kids can watch. 

In the not too distant future you will be able to download any movie via 
the Internet and all of the funds to purchase new HDTV's and 
broadcasting equipment will go to waste.  Don't believe me,  Verizon is 
rolling out optical connection to residences in some selected cities 
now.  I would gladly pay for an optical connection to the Internet.

David Dobbins wrote:
> I wish the FCC would come along and declare the future of APRS will be
> on 440 at 9600 baud, much like they (finally) told the TV broadcasters
> to transition to HDTV by year whatever. HDTV brings a whole new level
> of enjoyment to TV viewing. If you have HDTV, you know what I mean.

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