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scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Mon Oct 9 04:55:07 UTC 2006

What kind of content are you planning to carry at those data rates?  You can
fit a complete position report in 30 bytes.

I'd rather see 4800 baud with FEC.  A 60-byte payload would be around 125
msec.  Require a TXD of < 100 msec and define four timeslots per second,
synced to the GPS 1pps signal.  That's 240 slots per minute, with half the
collision probability of ALOHA.  With explicit timeslot assignments you
could get even higher capacities.  Plus you get twice the energy per bit of
9600 baud.


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> 	Personally, I think, as long as we're exploring 
> alternatives for 
> improvement, we should consider moving up to 1.2 or even 
> higher, and we 
> should come up with some way to have AT LEAST 56KB rates.
> 	7 3
> 	Earl
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