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Steve ssbrockw at swbell.net
Mon Oct 9 20:15:11 CDT 2006

Actually, Maxon America spun their sales group off to Topaz3. A few
years after that happened, Maxon America's engineering team was
eliminated and the group spun off to form SeMax engineering. The Topaz3
group remained in business for some time after that and eventually was
merged with Midland Radio. As there web site is not going beyond the
opening page for me today, I can't say what remains of the Maxon line of
radios. Tekk radios are not the same as Maxon radios. They have many of
the same features in common as many of the employees worked at each of
the companies. The Tekk company was started from what I remember as some
former employees of Maxon. If you look at the older crystal radios, the
multiplier chains are slightly different.

To answer your question, Scott, I have used some of the Maxon data
radios for APRS but it has been a couple of years ago and I don't
remember how they performed other than the 5 watt output didn't seem to
make the grade for me. Is there something specific that you are looking
for, contact me off list and I may be able to help.


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> scott at opentrac.org wrote:
> > Who here has used the VHF data radios from Maxon?  I'm 
> trying to get 
> > some information on them, but the manufacturer's website 
> seems to be 
> > hosed.
> >
> > Scott
> > N1VG
> >
> >
> >   
> Maxon has been absorbed into Tekk Radio at
>     http://www.tekk-radios.com
> The data radios are at this page:
>      http://www.tekk-radios.com/Data_Radios.htm   
> including a link to a PDF spec sheet.     Unfortunately they 
> seem to be 
> listing only UHF data radios.  Perhaps the special orders 
> solicited on 
> the page might include a VHF version. 
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