[aprssig] Bandwidth IS THE FUTURE OF APRS

Art KY1K at verizon.net
Thu Oct 12 11:09:29 CDT 2006

At 11:46 AM 10/12/2006, you wrote:

>>>I do agree that the above beacon is
>>absolutely wasteful of bandwidth!
>We have to change the way we look at things.
>YouTube feeds 100 MILLION!!!  Videos a day.   Those Videos are in 
>Megabytes.   (You all saw the dramatic 4th episode of Chad Vader - right?)
>It's 2006.  We're still running 1200 baud  (nope - didn't forget the 
>K at the end of that -- hard to believe.)   We panic if somebody 
>actually adds an extra hop to their path.  Here we're counting 
>fraking bytes in a status packet.
>We have incredible technology just waiting to be put to use.  We 
>have dozens of vastly underused channels.  We probably have 
>Megabytes in the Microwave spectrum that's dead dead dead.

While we have the technology, we DO NOT have the bandwidth. We also 
don't have fiber optic links and/or hardwired transmission lines that 
are relatively low attenuation links between nodes. We also don't 
have millions of dollars in high speed computers just to route 
individual packets. We also don't have 100 million users to 
distribute the operating costs between.

Comparing dedicated hardwired network throughput to our modest 
wireless data speeds in an unfair comparison.

>Lets work on moving on - not digging a deeper hole then what we already have.
>Quiet air is wasted air - make packets!


Years ago, we had a node operator here in Maine who systematically 
drove users away from his node anytime HE deemed the traffic levels 
as inappropriately high. Not to mention any names here, but any local 
will probably remember him, he was a statewide known micromanager.

He did his job so well that eventually there was no traffic on his 
node, and he closed up shop and took his node down::>

It took us years to get rid of him, but in the end he did himself in. 
Making packets for the sake of having more packets is not the answer. 
In fact, it sounds a little dangerous to me::>

GL to all.


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