[aprssig] 145.39 quartz crystal?

Art KY1K at verizon.net
Sat Oct 14 21:03:29 CDT 2006

Any ideas where to obtain reasonably priced quartz crystals to 
transmit on 145.39?

These are horribly expensive when ordered one or 2 at a time from a 
crystal manufacturer. But, what about a group order?

I think that are enough of us that might like to have single 
frequency transmit only rigs on 145.39 MHz to justify looking into a 
group buy.

There are several schematics on the web that will give .5 watts out 
with 2 transistors (and a 48.463333 Mhz crystal), FM'ing them 
(actually phase modulating them) is easy to do.

Maybe someone has already thought of this and has them for sale 
already. If so, let me know please.

Anybody else wish they had a cheap single frequency stand alone QRP 
transmitter  for APRS trackers and weather stations?



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