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[aprssig] TH-D7 and Megellan Meridian Color...

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Mon Oct 16 05:25:03 UTC 2006

Turn GPS OFF.  Connect serial cable.
Open up a Hyperterminal session.
(assuming you're running Winderz, if not use
any comms program you have).  In Hperterminal
select the appropriate comm port, then 4800-N-8-1
then NONE for handshaking.  Then click the CALL
button (picture of phone on hook).  THEN, turn GPS

GPS serial is *generally* 4800bps, but it's possible
His GPS is set to 9600.  If you can see the data stream
>From the GPS then it's communicating properly and the cable
Is fine.  If the characters are jibberish then it's a speed
Or parity mismatch.  Try different port speed settings first,
Leave the other settings alone.  

Last resort, reset GPS to restore the default settings,
Then find the manual online and see what those settings are.
Then set Hyperterminal to that and verify the comm. Port is okay.

Or use last resort method FIRST to save time if you are good at
Research.  After you verify data coming out of the GPS properly
Then set GPS to what the D7 needs and it should work.

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Subject: [aprssig] TH-D7 and Megellan Meridian Color...

After our local club meeting last week I had a gent ask me to help him 
set up his GPS to work on his D7. I tried some combinations of the setup 
to no avail. I didn't spend too much time on it because it was snowing 
that evening and I wanted to get home before it got worse. I told him 
I'd do some further research, but I'm not coming up with much. Perhaps 
there is someone else out there with this setup:

* Kenwood TH-D7
    - NMEA96
* Megellan Meridian Color GPS
    - NMEA Options:
       o v1.5 APA
       o v1.5 XTE
       o v2.1 GSA
    - Speed
       o 9600

Which one of the NMEA should I use? Since he is using a gender bender 
between the radio and GPS, I'm not sure if his serial cable is correct 
either. I'm hoping to be able to at least have the correct options 
selected before looking at his serial cable. Or is this GPS incompatible 
with the D7?

Thank you!

-Jeff Nast

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