[aprssig] 144.39 quartz crystal? (was 145.39 crystal)

Art KY1K at verizon.net
Tue Oct 17 09:47:48 CDT 2006

At 01:07 PM 10/16/2006, you wrote:

>I suspect you really want 144.39, but whatever. I've been very
>happy buying my crystals from
>Name:        West Crystal Company
>Address:     10-2550 Acland Rd
>              Kelowna, BC V1X 7L4 CANADA
>Phone:       (250) 765-4833
>E-mail:      wcrystal at shaw.ca
>Misc.:       www.westcrystal.com
>They know what holders and formulas fit what radios, and provide
>better prices and service than the two big names.

OK, thanks Chris,

I was hoping for a widely available 48.13 Mhz crystal, making it 
possible to build a low power FM only (stand alone, and inexpensive 
non-frequency agile) transmitter for trackers and weather stations.

A 48.13 crystal makes it possible to have a single stage produce low 
power on 144.39, but 48.13 is not a standard value. So, these 
crystals are not cheap::>

A group buy enabling purchase of 100 units or so would make the 
crystal much more reasonably priced-which is why I asked on the list. 
But, there doesn't seem to be much interest within the group, even 
though trackers and weather stations are becoming more popular.

I agree many would prefer a transceiver, I was interested in the 
transmit only aspect.

And, yes...I did mean 144.39, the frequency in my original post was an error.



> > Anybody else wish they had a cheap single frequency stand alone QRP
> > transmitter  for APRS trackers and weather stations?
>Needs to be a transceiver, not just a transmitter, to be channel-friendly -
>but yes. I've been re-tuning Motorola MT500s, which can be had cheaply
>on ebay, but the required crystal elements are harder and harder to find
>(we've resorted to rebuilding them).
>73 de chris K6DBG
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