[aprssig] TH-D7 and Megellan Meridian Color...

Corrie Griffiths corrie_griffiths at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 17 14:17:03 CDT 2006

>>>I recall someone mentioning before that older versions of TH-D7 don't accept NMEA-sentences that contain more than three minute decimals in lat/lons. Some current GPS receiver models output four decimals, but I don't know if that's the case with the Magellan Meridian Color. Some GPS receivers also let you configure how many minute decimals you want to be output in NMEA sentences.    Tapio
I have written some code that runs on a 16F628 PIC that strips the 4th decimal place from the GGA and RMC sentences for that very reason - if anyone is interested you're welcome to the code and circuit information.
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