[aprssig] iGate software

Ron Cluster rcluster at comcast.net
Thu Oct 19 20:47:45 CDT 2006

Jim (no callsign given) wrote:

> My first venture into this area has been with UI-View and, whilst being
> when it's connected, is poor at recovering from internet link dropouts.

<and also>

> As far as I can tell (and from my experiences last week), UI-View gives up
> if the connection to the server is lost for any period of time
> (minutes). It
> tries to reconnect once, then gives up if it can't.


This is absolutely incorrect. I have watched UI-View continue to try and
connect to an IS server every 30 seconds for over 2 hours during an internet
outage. (OK, I didn't sit and watch it the whole time, but it was still
trying 2 hours later when the internet connection was restored and it then
re-connected immediately).

It all depends on what choices you make in the setup screens. Take the time
to read the built-in help screens in UI-View. It's all there.....


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