[aprssig] Data connector for Kenwood handheld?

Josh Freeman cpe.jfreeman at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 11:13:13 CDT 2006


Does anyone know of a source for a speaker-mic cable that will fit newer
Kenwood handhelds? I want to make a packet cable for a TH-F6, and a
molded connector such as the one used on the Kenwood SMC's or the
MFJ-295 would be ideal. The connector has both 3.5mm (microphone) and
2.5mm (speaker) connectors. Both connectors are TRS (stereo). I could
use individual connectors, but I really like the neatness factor of a
single cable. Additionally, the jacks on the F6 are slightly recessed,
such that even with individual connectors it can be hit-or-miss finding
one that seats properly.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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