[aprssig] Too many digi's ?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 25 17:29:27 CDT 2006

> them when using a capatible path (WIDE1-1,TN on the London 
> side, and TN,WIDE2-1 on the TN side)...
> <snip>

A few notes about using SSn-N routing:

1) Unless N is bigger than the preferred WIDEn-N, then just use
2) To go beyond the local WIDEn-N and still stay within state,
that is what the SSn-N system was designed for.
3) Since SSn-N does not trace, the best way to use it is to use
the path of SS1-1,SSn-N.  This will cause the FIRST digi and the
LAST digi to be included in the path on arrival.

Good luck

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