[aprssig] Radar images...

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Wed Oct 25 18:23:04 CDT 2006

At least I know people are using the system. I checked my email for  
the first time in three hours and got a dozen messages telling me the  
NEXRAD images were no longer working on findU. It appears NOAA  
stopped serving pages on srh.noaa.gov, switching the name to  
srh.weather.gov. Rather than editing 154 geo files (three places on  
each of two servers, 900 files total), I put in a kludge to do the  
switch in the radar-find cgi. This will work for the way most of the  
radar images are served, but things that use the geo file directly  
will be broken until I get around to sed'ing the geo files.

Steve K4HG

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