[aprssig] PHG calculation formula?

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Thu Oct 26 04:17:04 CDT 2006

OK, so what exactly do you do with...

power = pow(base_power, 2.00)

Comma 2.00?  Is there a function designator missing somewhere, as that
looks like you're calling a function "pow" with two indipendant values,
"base_power" and the value of 2.

And for that matter...

haat = (10 * pow(2.00, base_haat))

10 times the result of calling pow(x, y) again?

Dave G0WBX.

Bob's .mil and .edu sites are unavailable again, or it's the continuing
DNS colic they seem to suffer from..


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	Subject: [aprssig] PHG calculation formula?
	Here's the snippet that calcs it from OpenAPRS's daemon...
	  power = pow(base_power, 2.00);
	  haat = (10 * pow(2.00, base_haat));
	  gain = pow(10.00, (base_gain / 10));
	  range = sqrt((2 * haat * sqrt((power / 10) * (gain / 2)))); 
	On 10/24/06, Alan P. Biddle < APBIDDLE at mailaps.org
<mailto:APBIDDLE at mailaps.org> > wrote: 

		I was looking for the formula which is used for the PHG
values for the
		beacon.  No problem finding a site which would calculate
it, but I flunked
		Google 101 on the formula itself.


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