[aprssig] Source for VHF Txcvr board

tprinty tprinty at mail.edisonave.net
Fri Oct 27 11:04:12 CDT 2006

When you get the Beta units running let me know I would be interested in
purchasing one.


>Got a 6-watt transceiver about the size of a pack of cigarettes sitting
>on my desk here.  No tracker in it yet, but I'm laying out a Tracker2
>board for it.  The RF board alone (no tracker or enclosure) is more
>expensive than a ham monoband HT.  More expensive than a lot of
>mobiles, in fact.  It's a nice unit, though - frequency agile, with
>coverage from 136 to 162 MHz.  Very fast TX and RX.  Give me a few
>weeks and maybe I'll have some beta units available.   Scott N1VG

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