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[aprssig] Official pronunciation of APRS?

James Smith k9apr at tawg.org
Mon Oct 30 11:18:48 UTC 2006

 I really don't see APRS going dead anytime soon. I've been at this for
11yrs now and haven't lost interest yet. I will say I don't look at the
screen as much as I used to but that doesn't matter. I have 3 digipeaters
one serves as a HF/VHF Gate and Wx station. The other two are in stand alone
mode. 2 vehicles with D700's in them that run APRS when mobile. And I
continue to invest in APRS such as findu and software that comes out. So
weather you call it Apers or APRS in turn it means the same to me. But, I'll
stick with APRS cause Bob called it APRS.
And yes I have vanity call that has APR in it, The call was gotten for a
couple of reason. One for the like I had for APRS and the other was for my
ex-Wife first name which was April.
James / K9APR 
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