[aprssig] Where to from here for APRS ?

David W. Barrow III DavidBarrow at wi.rr.com
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    How hard would it be to modify a marine radio to APRS?

Dave, N9UNR

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> IMHO APRS will eventually meet the same fate as 2 meter repeaters and 
> autopatch. There was a time when phone calls made up a large amount of 
> repeater traffic. Right now I would guess repeater traffic of ANY kind 
> is about 90% off of what we had in the Balt-DC area in the mid 1980s.
> Already I can pay an extra fee and Verizon will let me use the GPS 
> embedded in my phones to do APRS like tracking.
> See http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/chaperone/index.jsp. The 
> main uses of APRS will then be applications where a cell phone just 
> won't work (aircraft, balloons, middle of nowhere) and as an emergency 
> fallback. For some reason we have also been crippled by outdated 
> hardware. A mapping GPS/Radio/TNC combo is available to marine, FRS, and 
> GMRS users but not to hams. Perhaps no manufacturers see APRS lasting 
> long enough to be worth investing in?
> 73
> Joe N3HGB
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