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[aprssig] *** TNC Test CD Update - Mirror Server Now Available ***

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Oct 31 03:25:30 UTC 2006

mwrobertson at comcast.net wrote:
> Scott,
> I just finsied the burn, and all I have on the CD is a _READme.RTF, an 
> autorun.inf, and several gif files.. Autorun will not start, and the 
> _READme.rtf file I can not read...Have no idea what's wrong, :-(
> Robbie
What vesion of what operating system are you running?    RTF (Rich Text 
Format) is supposed to be a more or less portable text file format that 
supports basic formatting (underline, bold, italic, etc) unlike basic 
.TXT files.    It should be openable in either Windows Write, Wordpad or 
MS Word if you have it.   I throught all flavors of Windows could deal 
with RTF.   Apparently Microsoft is going to drop support for the .WRI 
file format (nice for formatted text file READMEs) that goes all the way 
back to Windows Write in Windows 3.0,  in the version of Wordpad that 
comes with Vista so I thought I was going to something more 
universal.....      I may have to redo the readme as an HTML file that 
will open in your default web browser.   

Actually the contents of the readme file are nearly the same as my web 
page at:

When the disk is run on a PC, it will only autorun the CD-ROM part.  (I 
assume the display of files and readme DID appear automatically after 
inserting the disk and waiting a few seconds.)  The audio part will not 
start playing by itself as it does with a single-format purely audio CD. 
To play the audio part, you will have to launch the Audio CD Player from 
the Windows START menu.  Do START - Programs - Accessories - 
Entertainment and launch the "CD Player" (not Media Player!).  This 
should give you a panel that looks like a car stereo player with track 
select, start/stop buttons and a volume control.  


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