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[aprssig] *** TNC Test CD Update - Mirror Server Now Available ***

John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 03:26:19 UTC 2006

> I just finsied the burn, and all I have on the CD is a _READme.RTF, an
> autorun.inf, and several gif files.. Autorun will not start, and the
> _READme.rtf file I can not read...Have no idea what's wrong, :-(

Are you trying to play the CD with something like Windows Media
Player?  If so, use the feature to "Rip" the CD, then cancel that
operation.  Now go to the Now Playing menu and the tracks should be

Basically your computer CD-ROM is trying to read the data files and is
ignoring the audio files.  If you play the CD-ROM in a regular CD
player, like one in your car, then it will play the tracks normally.

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