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[aprssig] *** TNC Test CD Update - Mirror Server Now Available ***

Robbie, wa9inf mwrobertson at comcast.net
Tue Oct 31 03:27:49 UTC 2006

I am wondering if doing the conversion, then zipping the file has caused 
links to something or other to be broken. I have downloaded many iso 
files, never had any issues..

Can zipping a cif or nrg file break something, Has this been done before 
Scott.. Can you unzip the file you created and have it work? I know you 
said you burned the nrg file, before or after zipping, :-)


scott at opentrac.org wrote:

>Hmm, don't know then.  The .nrg file works fine for me.  Anyone else tried
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>>I haven't found anything in Nero Burning ROM that will read in a .cif
>>file. Since I just bought the full Nero package, I haven't 
>>had a chance
>>to check all the other utilities yet.
>>	Chris - AE6VK
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>>Available ***
>>>exactly what you listed, but when I try to burn the CD, I 
>>>don't seem to
>>>have any audio tracks and the _READme.htm file on the CD is entirely
>>>unprintable characters. I'm using Nero Burning ROM v, 
>>I burned it successfully with Nero Express 6.  Will the full 
>>version of
>>read .cif files?  The .nrg was converted from the .cif using 
>>a 3rd party

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