[aprssig] desirable laptop computer features?

Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Tue Oct 31 14:44:30 CST 2006

Dale Blanchard wrote:
> Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>> etc.
>> Unfortunately, virtually NO consumer mass-market laptops have serial 
>> ports anymore. You will have to go to higher-priced business and 
>> specialty-market machines to get real ports.  (This is why I just paid 
>> USD $1500 for a new Panasonic Toughbook CF-51 15" CoreDuo laptop 
>> through a specialty reseller,  instead of buying a similar consumer 
>> market machine for under $1000.)  
> Fry's still sells some with serial ports.

I don't really think this is as big of an issue as some make it out to be.  It 
really depends on the software that you are using, which USB->Serial adapter you 
get, and then how you can configure that adapter based on the manufactures 
software support for "setting" the comm port.  The keyspan devices, as has been 
mentioned here before, seem to be the best choice.

Stephen, I think you've discussed using the keyspan devices before.  Can you 
share more about your need for a real port?

Gregg Wonderly

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