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[aprssig] Fun with FloodAdvisor

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Fri Sep 1 18:52:41 UTC 2006

I got one of the water gauges, so expect more than the previously  
mentioned graph of water levels:


For example, using Xtide I already can compare my reports to the  
predicted tide:


as I write this, the peak error is .15 feet, less than two inches, at  
any point in the last day. Not too shabby, the hardware passes this  
test with flying colors...

The findU user interface needs to be cleaned up, right now there is  
no web page to convert the text tide  station name into the number  
the cgi uses, but there will be before too long, along with other fun  
tide abilities.

Look for the obvious next step, showing the predicted tide and  
deviation on the same graph as the actual level, before too long! If  
you have any ideas, now is the time to share them...

If you have access to water, you should get one of these things, they  
work, and they are cool...

Steve K4HG

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