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[aprssig] Fun with FloodAdvisor

john b. leonard, jr. w9jbl at comcast.net
Sun Sep 3 01:16:13 UTC 2006

If those conditions are of interest to kayakers, consider going to

click on your area of interest (in this case No. VA) 


and find "Rivers Lakes AHPS" on the left,


A clickable map will appear, allowing you to click on a water monitoring

If you want to see what the Shenandoah River is doing, click on "Front
Royal", which will take you to

Information such as flow rate, flood stage and UTC and local time are given.

This information is available for most of the US by going to your area of
interest at www.weather.gov


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> On Sep 2, 2006, at 12:10 AM, Tyson S. wrote:
> > A friend of mine became a ham specifically because of APRS and what he
> > had hoped to be able to do with APRS. And that is to monitor small
> > creeks where he likes to go kayaking that do not have a USGS water
> > station installed. He wanted to make his own unit and just temporally
> > install it in the portion of creek he wants to know about. When the
> > level is right, take off early from work and hit the water! so will
> > this thing work in a creek environment and do what he wants it to do?
> If what he needs to know is represented by the water level at an
> accessible point, and resolution of a tenth of a foot is adequate,
> then yes, this would do it. Kayakers typically talk about flow rates
> rather than levels, and FloodAdvisor does not measure rates. However,
> I can imagine a pool in a creek, either natural or man-made, which
> has a level which varies based on flow rates. FA would work great in
> this case.
> Steve K4HG
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