[aprssig] findU status

Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 6 12:04:20 CDT 2006

A few days ago a ham was posting on one of the APRS email lists that
your server had gone down and was going to cost over a thousand dollars
to repair. He was using the google maps portion of your server and was
wanting to set up some kind of donation service so you could get the
thing working again. Then after I read that email the maps that I use
from this source:


had stopped working for a couple of days, but now I see that they are
back up. So I had assumed the whole server was down.

--- James Jefferson Jarvis <jj at aprsworld.net> wrote:

> The maps on my site, aprsworld.net, appear to be working. Would
> someone like 
> to make a report that I can actually check into? I don't regularly
> monitor 
> findu.com, so if something is screwed up I don't know.
> ---
> I did just check out a single station plot on findu and a track on
> findu and 
> they both appear to be working.
> ---
> Findu.com uses the same interface that is available to everyone else.
> 73's
> -James Jefferson Jarvis KB0THN

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