[aprssig] Re: aprssig APRS Telemetry

Warren Brown vk3byd at amsat.org
Thu Sep 7 03:27:44 CDT 2006

Hi Bob,

> 1) Alternative energy symbol (with overlay for Wind, Thermal,
> Water or Sun)

Unless the Station is there ONLY to monitor the sun wind etc, the icon
should be its primary function, eg Igate House, Digi etc..

> 2) Standard telemetry formats using the existing KPC-3+ five
> channel packets
> 3) TOCALL version numbers to match the formats so that parsers
> can display
>   end units wihtout any other info.
> For this purpose, I would like to build a table of all existing
> KPC-3+ telemetry 5-channel systems so we can see if some
> standards exist.
> Here are 3 that might be useful for alternative energy systems:
> 1) System Volts,  Charge Current,  Load Current,  Panel
> Temperature, Indoor temp
> 2) System Volts,  Charge Current,  Load Current,  Battery
> Current,  Temp
> 3) System A volts,  System A current,  System B volts,  System B
> current, Temp

It would need to have some user definable values to allow for what is
dreamed up in the future

> Each of these would have a different APExxx version number, so
> that decoding
> Systems can decode and display them without any other
> knowledge...

It might be easier to add something on the end of the Telemetry beacon to
indicate which data set it is.

> Anyone that is running off-grid or with alternative energy
> systems of any
> Kind, I would like to hear from you as well, even if you are not
> using a
> KPC-3+ for telemetry...
> Bob, WB4APR

We use "Site Alert" on some of our digi's in VK3 the format is,
Temp, Volts, Ptt Counts.
The third and fourth values are time but this could be changed should I find
a better use for them.


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