[aprssig] Re: aprssig APRS Telemetry

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 7 16:41:09 CDT 2006

> > ...I would like to build a table of all existing APRS
> > KPC-3+ telemetry 5-channel systems...
> It would need to have some user definable values to allow for
what is
> dreamed up in the future

Let me clarify...We are only talking here about the existing
APRS and KPC-3+ telemetry format.  Any user can use this format
for any values he wants now.  All this effort is trying to do is
to tabluate any existinc comon uses, so that others can chose
from among many existing parameter selections used by others so
as to not have to re-invent each new wheel for each new
application if someone already is using such a format.

> > Each of these would have a different APExxx version number, 
> > so that decoding Systems can decode and display them 
> > without any other knowledge...
> It might be easier to add something on the end of the 
> Telemetry beacon to indicate which data set it is.

Ah, but that is why we are proposing this initiative.  As it is,
The KPC-3+ format is fixed and cannot be changed and nothing 
Can be added to the end of it.  Hence, the use of the "version
Number" in the TOCALL  format to specify a specific common
(if any)...

> We use "Site Alert" on some of our digi's in VK3 the format
> Temp, Volts, Ptt Counts.  The third and fourth values are time

> but this could be changed should I find a better use for them.

Can you send an example packet so we can see the format?
We will add that to the list...


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