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[aprssig] Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) for APRS

Ron Huisinga ron at huisinga.org
Fri Sep 8 00:53:15 UTC 2006


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Hi, I thought I'd toot my own horn a bit on this subject :)

There is an application for using google maps on cell phones, mobile Gmaps
(http://www.mgmaps.com/), which has the possibility to use a small
application from navizon (http://www.navizon.com/) for positioning, in
addition to internal GPS systems (jsr-179) and Bluetooth GPS receivers.  
This works on a lot of cell phones, and also on the Windows mobile platform.
Navizon provides positioning either through GPS receivers, through cell
tower information, or WLAN access points, depending on the capabilities of
the mobile device.  I'm not too into the navizon application, but I assume
it sends the information to a central database and receives an approximate

Now, the interesting point is that I have become a co-developer of mgmaps,
responsible for implementing tracking features.  I am almost done with the
process of porting my tracking code from my own application mAPRS to mgmaps,
which in addition to providing mapping services to display received station
also is a more stable platform for GPS communication.

This new version of mgmaps in combination with navizon will be able to
provide APRS tracking based on cellphone towers or WLAN accesspoint
information.  It will hopefully be released by next week, so be sure to
check out the web page, www.mgmaps.com some time then.  I will also probably
not be able to resist the temptation of sending another e-mail when it is
released ;)

p.s. I am not in any way affiliated with navizon.

Frank Olaf Sem-Jacobsen, LA3NMA

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